Ragavan Paranchothy

Conservative Candidate

Ragavan Paranchothy

Meet The Candidate

Ragavan “Gavan” Paranchothy is a community activist and a Mental Health Ambassador.  He left his career in the financial industry as a Pension Analyst to enter the broadcast industry as a producer and host for Radio and Television programming in early 2004. In his 12 year tenure in the broadcast industry, he has held a range of roles including a producer, an on-air host, a field reporter, News and Programming Director and Chief Executive Officer.  He has earned a reputation for breaking the ice on many social issues that were generally considered taboo in some of the new-Canadian communities through his Television program, “Crossroads”; a live discussion panel focusing on the intergenerational differences between first generation Canadians and their second or third generation counterparts.

Ragavan has over 20 years of active community involvement and has been a Director on the Boards of the Council of Agencies Serving South Asians, the Centre for Information, Action and Community Engagement, the Srruthi Music Academy, the Scarborough Southwest Conservative Association and the Markham Toronto Cricket Club.  He has held advisory roles with organizations such as the Canadian Humanitarian Appeal for the Relief of Tamils, and the South Asian Autism Awareness Centre. Ragavan is the Spokesperson for SAAAC and is a Founding Director of the Mens Services for Mental Health.

Ragavan has been involved in politics for number of years affecting meaningful changes in community relationships with the Conservative Party of Canada and the PC Party of Ontario. He was the Conservative candidate in the 2011 federal general election in Scarborough Southwest.  He is a community leader endorsed by many prominent figures in the mental health sector, political sector across party lines and artists of various genres.

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